5 Best Powerful Antivirus for Your Favorite Laptop

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The rapid advancement of technology today is really felt in everyday life. In particular, for agency workers like you who never leave their laptop.

In order to support the success of agency life, 24/7 you are always close to your favorite laptop. From time to time, you could say the laptop has become one of the important things in your life.

Well, do you think you’ve tried to provide the best protection for him yet? Even though you never ask directly, a laptop that faithfully accompanies your days actually needs protection. 

You see, the viruses that are scattered out there are always ready to attack at any time.

best antivirus software

So, it is very important to install the best antivirus that is effective in eradicating various existing viruses. 

5 Best Powerful Antivirus for Your Favorite Laptop

However, if you are still confused about which antivirus to choose, try one of the five recommended lists below!

1. Avast Antivirus

Avast best antivirus

Proven to be able to cure laptops from various malware and even hacker attacks, Avast Antivirus is one of the best and most popular antivirus software. Unmitigated, Avast is equipped with various advanced features that your next door neighbor may not have.

Starting from Behavior Shield, the application supervisor, CyberCapture to clean virus threats, Smart Scan to detect security threats, and Wi-Fi Inspector to keep internet connections safe.

For your information, all features in Avast are real-time. So, if there is a virus or something unusual on your laptop, Avast immediately reacts and “cleans” everything. In addition, Avast is also equipped with bootscan which is in charge of scanning the laptop before entering the system.

Anyway, a very thorough virus scan using Avast! No need to worry anymore about protection for your favorite laptop. For personal use, you can use the free version, you know, download it directly at https://www.avast.com/en-id/free-antivirus-download

2. AVG AntiVirus

Popular AVG antivirus

The next antivirus that is no less good than Avast is AVG AntiVirus. He said, some people think so after seeing the results of the trials carried out. Well, AVG has two advanced features that Avast doesn’t have, namely File Shredder and protection from data theft. Practically, AVG also doesn’t require you to register which requires personal information.

In terms of eradicating viruses, AVG is not arrogant at all. Files that are detected as viruses will usually be quarantined and not deleted immediately. After being quarantined, you can re-check and choose the files that contain viruses that you want to destroy. Finally, AVG also has linkscanner, a scan feature that is active when you are busy browsing all day.

3. Avira

Avira antivirus

Founded in 1986, Avira has also become one of the antivirus that cannot be underestimated. To protect your favorite laptop/PC from malware, ransomware, spyware, and phishing, you can trust Avira. With a user-friendly interface, Avira makes cleaning viruses practical.

Then, not much different from AVG AntiVirus, Avira also does not arbitrarily delete suspicious files. Yes, everything must go through your approval as a user so that later there will be no errors.

4. BitDefeander

Bitdefender antivirus

According to some people, BitDefeander has a quality that is not much different from Avast Antivirus. You see, this Romanian antivirus has various advanced features to eradicate viruses from your favorite laptop.

Call it On-demand virus scanning which can eliminate various types of viruses (trojans, malware, ransomware), anti-phishing features to protect all your online accounts from data theft, behavioral detection in charge of monitoring the applications used, and Anti-fraud that will monitor the sites you visit.

5. Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda antivirus light

Panda Cloud Antivirus is an antivirus that uses the cloud to protect laptops. By utilizing the cloud, program updates and system scanning will automatically decrease, so this antivirus is quite light.

Based on the latest tests conducted by AV-Test, Panda managed to get an average score for detecting viruses and other threats. If you plan to install Panda, this antivirus will immediately scan the system to make sure your favorite laptop is protected.

Well, by looking at the installation process, program updates, and system scanning, Panda can be one of the most reliable antiviruses.

How? After reading the short review above, which antivirus do you think you want to try first? If you plan to try everything to find the one that best fits your favorite laptop, don’t install it all at once, OK? Just one so they don’t crash with each other.

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